Senior Management

With decades of experience, our Senior Management team is able to navigate the Credit Union through all kinds of economic conditions and maintain financial stability, providing members with the products and services they need.

Donna Young


Donna Young, President

Laura Williamson

Executive Vice President

Laura Williamson, Executive Vice President

Rob Byrd

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Byrd, Chief Financial Officer

Kallar McCown

Vice President, Branch Operations

Kallar McCown, Vice President, Branch Operations

Matt Mielke

Vice President, Information Technology

Matt Mielke, Vice President, Information Technology

Stacie Rawls

Vice President, Lending

Stacie Rawls, Vice President, Lending

William Frye

Vice President, Marketing

William Frye, Vice President, Marketing

Board of Directors

Cornerstone members vote for Board of Directors candidates during the annual meeting in March. The Board includes seven directors who volunteer their time to support Senior Management in providing you with the exceptional products and service you deserve. They are all long-time members of Cornerstone and truly represent their fellow members.

Gary Cowan


Gary Cowan, Chairman

Lelan Statom

First Chairman

Lelan Statom, First Chairman

Dr. Roberta Hill

Second Chairman

Dr. Roberta Hill, Second Chairman

Karen Clabough


Karen Clabough, Secretary

Kimberly Silvus


Kimberly Silvus, Director

Aaron Jewell


Aaron Jewell, Director

Andy Graham


Andy Graham, Director

Volunteer Advisory Board

Do you want to become more involved? Read about our invitation to serve as a Volunteer Advisory Board Member.

Former Board Members

We are extremely thankful to those who have served on the Board of Directors in the past. They volunteered, sacrificed their time, and truly represent all who value Cornerstone.

Name Years Served
Joey Macourek 2020-2023
Lisa Batey 2013-2021
Robert Turner 2016-2020
Dr. Julie Williams 2003-2018
Danny Grant 1999-2019
Dr. Frank Ruckman 1998-2015
Jennie Lemons 1997-2007
Harley Anton 1996-1999
Ron Groseclose 1992-1999
Doug Weiland 1992-1997
Linda Cooper 1990-2012
Thomas Shacklett 1989-1992
Ed Whittington 1988-2011
Ben Harris 1985-2003
Dr. Jeff Keyes 1975-1991
James Whitlock 1970-1991
Ruby Major 1970-1989
Edward Jennings 1970-1976
Dr. Howard Kirksey 1964-1987
J.B. Thompson 1961-1997
E.R. Harris 1956-1996
A. Vedester Hill 1956-1984
Coleman Crockett 1956-1970