Volunteer Advisory Board Member

Invitation to Serve

The credit union members who serve on its Board of Directors assume a fiduciary role to ensure that Cornerstone Financial Credit Union (CFCU) maintains its reputation as an economically sound and member-centric institution. The board members take their commitment very seriously and continuously work to improve their knowledge and awareness of economic principles and trends in the world of finance.

Serving on the seven-member board is not a lifetime commitment and therefore board members will relinquish their positions as other commitments in their lives require more of their time.

Newly appointed and/or elected board members often face a significant learning curve which can impact their ability to contribute to the success of the credit union. In order to maintain a well-informed board, the CFCU Board of Directors has enacted a Volunteer Advisory Board Member committee to invite credit union members who have the background, commitment, and interest in serving on the Board of Directors the opportunity to apply as a Volunteer Advisory Board member.

Serving on this committee will provide them an opportunity to attend board meetings as non-voting members, see how the board operates, serve on subcommittees, and engage with current board members.


Interested candidates should note the following expectations:

  • Positions will be non-voting and will carry a term of one year, renewable at the Board’s option.
  • Attend Board meetings once each quarter, including the annual strategic planning session
  • Attend Board committee meetings for which appointed
  • Complete training as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board Members must have been a CFCU member for one year and if considered for the Board of Directors, they must be a current CFCU member in good standing and meet all the qualifications for Board Members as noted in the “Nominations for Board of Directors” policy.

Volunteer Advisory Board Members will serve as the primary source for successors to serve on the Board of Directors; however, the nominating committee will not be obligated to nominate successors from this pool. The number of Volunteer Advisory Board Members will be limited to not more than three at any one time. Applicants will be interviewed by one or more current Board members.

As CFCU Board members, we appreciate all of our fellow members and welcome your engagement and participation in making CFCU one of the finest financial institutions in Tennessee.

If you are interested in serving as a Voluntary Advisory Board Member or would like more details, please email admin@bankcfcu.org or call 615-385-6868.