The following disclosures are available online:

We value your safety and security. For this reason we will never contact you by email or phone and ask you to supply private or personal information. Do not respond to any email that asks you for this information. If you are contacted by phone, do not respond, but call us directly. If you feel that you have been victimized, please call us immediately so that we may take immediate and effective steps to protect your account.

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union Online Privacy Policy

Online Privacy Statement

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union realizes the importance of protecting the privacy of its members. It is our goal to protect personal information in every method of contact with members, whether it is in a branch, at one of our ATMs, on the telephone, or on the Internet.

Information Collected Automatically through Our Website

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union collects information only in instances where we feel it will be of assistance in providing members with quality service. Cornerstone Financial Credit Union routinely collects information used to create summary statistics in determining ways to improve online services. Information collected is vital to identifying system performance and/or problematic areas. No information that identifies a member personally is automatically collected.

Information Collected through Email and Web Forms

When personally identifiable information is submitted, such as email correspondence containing a question or comment, we use the supplied information to fulfill or respond to request(s) as well as provide members with superior quality service. This information is also stored for reference when making improvements and/or adjustments to our website and online services. It should be noted that email is a form of communication that is not entirely within a secure environment. Please visit Cornerstone Financial Credit Union branches in person to relay any information that may contain sensitive personal information. Submitted applications do take place in a secure environment and are delivered via PGP encrypted email delivery and are generally more secure than typical email delivery.

Use of Information

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union will not provide, sell, or share your personal information to any nonaffiliated third party for independent use. We share member information only in one of the following circumstances: you authorize it; you have requested a transaction requiring it; we are reporting your information to a credit reporting agency; or we are required or permitted by law to disclose such information. Information is shared with affiliated organizations when involving products and/or services of value to members, which would otherwise not be available through the Credit Union. Additionally, to preserve vital member information, employees of Cornerstone Financial Credit Union sign agreements at the time of hire to maintain the secrecy of proprietary information.


Ensuring members have secure digital banking experiences is a priority. Top-level security is achieved by protecting member privacy and confidentiality of communications to and from Cornerstone Financial Credit Union.

Several security provisions are in place by our digital banking providers to protect all sensitive data from direct access to the Internet. The following measures are employed:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption provides a secure channel for data transmission across computer networks using public key cryptography.
  • Two-part Password Protection to ensure even greater security.
  • User Options allow account holders to change passwords as desired.
  • Firewalls and Redundant Screening/Filtering Routers are gateways that verify the source, destination, and protocol of each data packet before it is sent.
  • Compliance with an SAS 70 Audit, performed by one of the Big 6 Accounting Firms.
  • An independent firm is employed to routinely perform security testing to ensure there are no problems in our security procedure.

Questions and Comments

Please send us a message if you have questions and/or comments regarding our Online Privacy Policy.