Digital Banking

Introducing a better digital experience

Designed for every device
It looks great on your phone, tablet, and desktop. By following modern app design principles, the layout should feel familiar and intuitive. And now every feature is available on every device.

Move money easier than ever
One place to move money however you need and whenever you want. Go to Transfers to make loan and credit card payments, move money between your internal and external accounts, or transfer to other Cornerstone members.

Latest security and alerts
Peace of mind is included with the latest security analysis and methods to protect your account. Required security alerts and customizable activity alerts keep you informed, deliverable by email, text, and push notifications.

Advanced card controls
Prevent card fraud by controlling how your debit and credit card can be used. Choose the merchant categories, geographical areas, and transaction types that you want to allow. Change it instantly anytime.

Questions? Check out the Digital Banking Update FAQ below, or watch a video tutorial on the new dashboard and navigation.

New and Improved Features

We have not only improved features previously available but we have also added even more options to help you manage your finances on your schedule.


Stay informed of your account activity with instant alerts deliverable by email, text, or push notification.

  • Required security alerts ensure you are aware of any change to your account or login
  • Customizable balance and transaction alerts deliver information important to you
  • Download the mobile app to enable push notifications

Card Controls

Prevent unauthorized activity by controlling where and how your debit and credit card can be used.

  • Instantly lock or unlock your card
  • Control where your card can be used with up to 5 map regions and 12 merchant categories
  • Control how your card can be used with 8 transaction types
  • Set daily and monthly spending limits


See your account balances and other information important to you in the customizable dashboard.

  • Change the order of your accounts, or hide accounts you don't need to see
  • Arrange dashboard tiles to show the most important information first, and hide the tiles you don't need
  • Dashboard tiles include Recent Transactions, Spending Analysis, Savings Goals, and more

Pay Bills

Send money to any individual or business. Now fully integrated in the Digital Banking app.

  • Send money to an individual using email, phone number, or routing and account number
  • Schedule your bill payments to stay organized in one central place
  • Most transactions complete electronically in two business days
  • Checks are mailed when electronic delivery is unavailable

Remote Deposit

Save a trip to the branch by depositing your checks remotely with the mobile app.

  • Most checks post instantly with immediate credit
  • Checks held for review are processed within one business day
  • Add multiple checks to one deposit – a time-saver for small business owners
  • View all check images in the history folder


We added convenience while also using the latest security analysis and methods to protect your account.

  • Enhance login security and high risk activity validation by using push authentication or Google Authenticator
  • Dispute debit and credit card transactions that you are unable to resolve with the merchant
  • Send and receive secure messages and documents through the Message Center

Switch Accounts

Access your other accounts (joint or business) without logging in and out.

  • Connect Switch Accounts by entering a one-time login validation
  • Quickly move between your personal and business accounts
  • Access the accounts for your children or spouse (provided you are a joint owner)
  • Connection is severed if the Switch Account password is changed


Move money now, later, or on a recurring basis from one simple screen.

  • Add external accounts instantly using your login for that institution
  • Transfer money to and from your external accounts
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Complete Member to Member (M2M) transfers by sharing secure codes

Install the Mobile App

The mobile app for iOS and Android offers an even better experience, including:

  • Log in faster with Face ID or fingerprint
  • Get alerts delivered by push notification
  • Deposit checks remotely
  • Add the Quick Balance widget
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Digital Banking Update FAQ

When will this update occur?

The digital banking update will be released on Tuesday, February 7, in the afternoon.

What will I need to do?

Log in with your existing username and password. Then you will be asked to confirm your Social Security number, enter a one-time verification code sent by email, text, or phone call, and finally create a new password.

Why do you ask for my full Social Security number?

We want to verify your identity quickly, easily, and securely. Requesting other identifying information, such as name, date of birth, phone number, or last 4 of SSN, is not as secure and increases the chance of input error or record mismatch.

Will the mobile app be updated too?

Yes! Starting on February 7, the current app will provide a link to download the new app from the App Store or Google Play. The new app icon will have a white background with our logo instead of navy background, making it easy to tell the difference. You may delete the app with navy background after you install the new app.

What information will convert to the new digital banking?

External accounts, scheduled transfers and loan payments, and Bill Pay profiles are being converted.

What information will not convert to the new digital banking?

Alerts will not convert. The new alert system is much better, and push notifications are now a delivery option for mobile app users.

Budgets and Categorization will not convert. You may activate Spending Analysis on the dashboard in the new digital banking for transaction categorization and graphical analysis.

Automatic credit card payments will need to be set up again. The new credit card experience is now fully integrated in digital banking, and we added advanced card controls, new alerts, and travel notifications to improve the experience.

What new features will be available in the mobile app?

The new mobile app now includes every feature available on the digital banking website! You may add external accounts, schedule transfers, set up alerts and receive push notifications, add a quick balance widget, and much more! While there are a lot of new features in the app, the design and universal search make navigation easy.

What new features will be available in the digital banking website?

Advanced card controls, travel notifications (no more calling!), instant external account verification, and additional transfer options are a few of the new features available in the website experience.