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April 4th, 2020

Stories Tagged With: savings tips for kids

Save, Share, Spend.

Kids who are just starting their financial education journey can benefit from learning the “save, share and spend” method of budgeting. First, whether it’s from allowance, holiday, birthday or graduation gifts, babysitting or other ways kids may receive or earn money, have your child set aside a certain amount or... Continue Reading >

Tips for raising a saver.

This great article from Forbes provides some excellent tips for getting your children off on the right foot with savings – and then keeping them on track all the way through their teens.   Starting as early as age 3 with pennies in a jar and advancing through understanding “not having... Continue Reading >

Teach your children well.

Here are a few concepts that can teach your children to have a healthy respect for money: 1)  Saving for a rainy day is important.  When we spend everything we get as soon as we get it, we aren’t prepared to handle the surprises – or even opportunities – that... Continue Reading >