March 28th, 2020

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Learn from mistakes at 20 for payoff at 30

It is widely accepted that a strong education is a cornerstone of a person’s personal success. What is even more important than where one goes to college or one’s major is how that person utilizes the tools of his or her education. Mark Twain once said something to the effect... Continue Reading >

Budget in college helps plan for future

I believe if I start my college career out with a budget I will be set for success. Not only will the budget help me manage my money throughout college, it will help me plan for my future as well. Growing up my parents always worked off of a budget.... Continue Reading >

Distinguish needs from wants

Starting off on the right foot financially upon graduation is of great importance.  I have been taught key money management principals at a very young age. I was introduced to money management at the age 4.  I remember having a bank that was divided into three sections, tithes, savings and... Continue Reading >