March 28th, 2020

Stories Tagged With: getting out of debt

“Raise” your debt.

How can raising debt be helpful, you might say? Here’s what we mean.  If you are due for a raise, allocate some or, ideally all of that extra money to paying down your debt. This is money you have been living without so use as much of it as possible... Continue Reading >

Save more in order to spend less.

Typically when we think about reducing debt, we think about the best approach to paying off credit cards or finding ways to slow unnecessary spending.  We often think of unnecessary spending as items like that expensive cup of coffee or those must-have shoes. But we can also find ways to... Continue Reading >

Pay more than the minimum

We all know that the less we pay on our credit card debt each month, the longer it will take to pay down the debt.  But did you realize that paying the minimum balance has other implications?  Paying the minimum balance can actually: Cause your interest rate to increase Impact... Continue Reading >