March 28th, 2020

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A Sound Investment

Statistics indicate that those with college degrees (two or four year) earn significantly more than those with only a high school education.  They also have more jobs from which to choose.  A college education also teaches young adults skills and thought processes that will help them throughout their lives. Starting... Continue Reading >

Money woes impact productivity

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management, worries over money are affecting both employee savings plans and worker productivity.  Money worries create general stress,  increase absenteeism, and cause morale issues – all leading to reduced productivity which costs companies and their employees in a big... Continue Reading >

Apply learning to get good job quickly

Making connection and participating in Engineering activities are the main keys that will help me start off on the right foot financially when I graduate. Getting involved in a lot of activities will expand my knowledge and it will help me to be more advanced in the latest technology that... Continue Reading >

Job hunting tips for college grads

One of the best tips in this article on job hunting for college grads is about attitude.  While everyone wants to land that perfect job, some might debate that there is no such thing, but most of us would at least agree that a perfect job is hard to... Continue Reading >

Pay yourself first.

In 2010, Cornerstone launched the Cornerstone Financial Credit Union Scholarship Program in which applicants were asked to write about the importance of financial education as they enter college. One winner, Faith Marshall, told about those three wonderful words her grandfather told her.  No, it’s not those three words, it’s these: ... Continue Reading >