March 28th, 2020

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Financial Planning 101

What exactly is a financial plan?  Is it a budget?  Is it planning for retirement?  Is it saving for college education?  Is it getting out of debt?  It can include any and all of these items but the important thing to understand is that financial planning is an ongoing process.  ... Continue Reading >

Tips for trimming expenses

One of the reasons we don’t like to put a budget on paper is because we’re afraid to learn the truth about our spending habits.  In theory, a budget is extremely simple:  less should be going out than is coming in.  In many situations, the more controllable part of the... Continue Reading >

Managing debt.

Understanding the different types of credit can help you better manage your debt. Secured credit includes loans or lines of credit that are secured by either the item being purchased, like an automobile, or secured by some other form of collateral, like your home.  Secured credit will almost always have... Continue Reading >

Should I Consolidate My Debt?

Exactly what is a debt consolidation loan?  Do you need one? Will it really help reduce your debt? It is fairly common that offers for debt consolidation roll in at the beginning of the year.  After all, billions of dollars are spent during the holiday season and much of that... Continue Reading >

10 Home Buying Tips

CNN Money offers up some great tips for anyone considering the purchase of a new home and here they are: Don’t buy if you can’t stay put – at least for a few years. Shore up your credit – and start by reviewing your credit report. Buy something you can... Continue Reading >

Budget Tracking – Seriously

All too often we don’t take budget tracking seriously enough.  Many of us have become so used to having what we want instead of or in addition to what we need.  Stop and start tracking your spending now.  Right now.  Get a notebook and a pen, or use your phone... Continue Reading >

What do you really want in a car?

What do you really want in a car?  Think about it before you ever go to a dealership.  Are you more concerned with the safety features, the price, or the image?  Or is it something else entirely? When you’ve determined your true motivation, research, research, research before you make a... Continue Reading >

Head down the GreenPath.

Whether you need to develop a budget, save for your children’s education, put away funds for retirement, or buy your first home, GreenPath can help. GreenPath provides a free benefit available to Cornerstone members. From self-guided e-learning financial education modules to formal money management and debt counseling programs, GreenPath can... Continue Reading >

Overcoming myths about financial aid.

It “pays” to be educated about college financial aid opportunities and it is critical for families to be diligent about seeking out and asking questions about financial aid.   Here are some things you should know: You typically are NOT penalized for having savings. Even families with incomes greater than $150,000... Continue Reading >

How Much is Too Much?

It may surprise you to know that there is no magic number of credit cards that can be assigned to everyone.  There are several questions to consider to get your answer. First, the debt-to-income ratio.  How much debt do you have compared to your income? Lenders calculate this figure when... Continue Reading >