March 29th, 2020

Stories Tagged With: financial education for teens

A teen’s first checking account.

Is your teenager getting a first job this summer?  Or maybe he or she just received graduation gifts of money or has an allowance.  One of the best ways to help teens learn to manage their money is by opening a checking account for them.  We all know from our... Continue Reading >

Organizing your college search

This story about an organized approach to the college search found on U.S. News and World Report’s website suggests starting the search early and provides tips for keeping the overwhelming amount of information that can accumulate during a search organized.  The article is written by a mother-daughter duo who provide... Continue Reading >

Managing that first credit card

Starting off on the right foot financially is critical for teens headed off to college.  While changing credit card laws enacted in the wake of the recession offer greater protections against the onslaught of credit card offers targeting young adults, proactively addressing the right way to manage credit is the... Continue Reading >

December grads may have advantage

The job market has been brutal over the past couple of years – particularly for new college graduates.  So finding a competitive advantage is more important than ever.  Timing may just be one of the most opportune ways to stand out.  That’s because December graduates don’t have to face the... Continue Reading >