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May 24th, 2020

Stories Tagged With: Cornerstone Scholarship Winner

Start IRA in College.

I plan to have an IRA set up by the time I start college so that I can begin saving for retirement. Along with an IRA, I currently have a savings account set up in which $50 is automatically transferred from my checking account. That savings account is available for... Continue Reading >

Minimize Student Loans.

My goal when I graduate from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) with my nursing degree, is to not come out with a whole lot of debt. The average semester cost is $9600 so I will be focused on keeping my grades up to maintain my TN Hope Scholarship... Continue Reading >

Use Scholarships, Financial Aid.

The amount of students who leave college riddled with student loan and credit card debt is staggering. Seven in ten students take student loans, with those loans averaging about $28,950 (TICAS). This debt leads to the first many years out of college being extremely financially stressful, a period that is... Continue Reading >

Avoid Mountain of Debt.

You are pre-qualified! I have been warned that these are dangerous words for a college student. These words have caused many students to graduate with a mountain of credit card debt. Starting off on the right foot financially is a critical issue for those graduating from college. Many students graduate... Continue Reading >

Scholarships Can Add Up.

Many aspects play into the role of college graduation, and many students do not understand how to receive their diploma and not acquire debt. One component is to always be actively searching for scholarships so the price of student debt will not take so much of a toll right after... Continue Reading >

Work, Save to Learn Discipline

Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, once proclaimed, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” As a rising college freshman, I am preparing myself to take that first step. I will soon be leaving my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee behind to start the next chapter of my life in... Continue Reading >

Scholarships, Work, Budget

While day-to-day frugality and personal economic planning is essential to a secure financial future for all, it is my firm belief that student loan debts are the biggest antagonist to most college graduates in our society today. Often, when students realize the grim reality of just how crippling debt can... Continue Reading >

Seek ROTC Scholarship

I was taught at a young age the importance of financial responsibility. Throughout my life, I have observed the struggles associated with being practically enslaved by debt. My experience with debt and the strong warnings of my parents have influenced me to practice frugality in my budgeting and responsibility in... Continue Reading >

Understand Wants vs. Needs

The most important thing you can do while in college to secure financial stability afterwards is to budget. There is a plethora of opportunities to overspend, especially when a plastic card handles your expenditures instead of cash. Students can depend on their credit cards, and having a the ‘college experience’... Continue Reading >

Focus on College is Key

College, its become almost a sheer necessity for young adults in America if they wish to find for themselves in life the elusive “American Dream”. Do not misunderstand; its a noble undertaking, but in its entirety will be the greatest financial challenge of a lifetime,if not handled properly. A four... Continue Reading >