March 29th, 2020

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Career, Cash, and Credit.

Having a solid financial plan and foundation before I graduate college will ensure efficient financial success. There are several key concepts that will ensure my financial success throughout my college years. These concepts boil down to career, cash, and credit. In entering college I must have a career plan, and... Continue Reading >

Hard Work, Effort Reap Benefits.

Preparation for my financial security upon graduation from college started many years ago. My parents, older siblings, and several teachers reinforced the importance of preparing for my future while I was in the middle school. Although I have enjoyed, and actively participated in, numerous activities and sports and worked part-time... Continue Reading >

Make Saving Big Part of Budget.

The most important financial action I can take in college is to budget my income, and this discipline will set me up for success afterwards in two ways. First, it will force me to be aware of where my money goes, reducing mindless and needless spending. Since I entered middle... Continue Reading >

Budgeting: Simple and Effective.

College itself can already rack up some enormous costs that can leave new freshmen struggling to keep track of what they can and cannot afford to spend on. For this reason, a major practice to gain is to begin budgeting. Many students come out of high school having had everything... Continue Reading >

Develop Good Work Ethic.

I think that it is important to develop a good work ethic. Being disciplined to work hard and push through difficult situations will help give me a foothold for when I venture into the world after school. Having this good work ethic can be applied to many situations. I have... Continue Reading >

Use Common Sense.

We’ve all heard the latest saving techniques or seen the most complex budget plans. Some of which would be difficult for even Dave Ramsey to comprehend. I believe the most important thing that one could do in college to ensure future financial success cannot be found within the pages of... Continue Reading >

Budgeting is #1 Skill.

College is the most important factor of most anyone’s career future. That being said, it is also one of the most expensive investments one can make. With such a large investment, it is easy to spiral down the path of debt. I believe that every college student should make it... Continue Reading >

Make a Financial Plan.

Student loans are the biggest burden facing recent college graduates, with 69% of graduates owing loan money and the average borrower owing almost $30,000 dollars upon graduation. This is not a statistic I would like to be a part of. Therefore, the most important thing I can do while in... Continue Reading >

Internships, Jobs to Avoid Loans.

I think there are several actions I should take to make sure I start off on the right foot financially when I graduate. One example of something I should do while in school is taking internships and checking for job openings and ensuring that I will have a job when... Continue Reading >

Build Resume During College.

Throughout college, students should be building resumes to ensure they are able to get a job once they graduate. Work study programs are adaptable to any major so that students are able to build resumes and graduate with little debt. Working or interning in college is a good way to... Continue Reading >