March 29th, 2020

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Things to Know About a HELOC

Great work — you’ve managed to accumulate some equity in your home. Perhaps you’ve paid down the mortgage diligently, or maybe the property’s market value has gone up since you bought it. Either way, the amount you owe is considerably less than what you could get for the place in... Continue Reading >

Things Kids Should Know About Money

Most adults will admit they’ve made a few money-related mistakes along the way.  The best way to help your kids avoid some of those mistakes is to begin teaching them about money as early as possible.  Here are a few  things your kids should understand by the time they reach... Continue Reading >

Save, Share, Spend.

Kids who are just starting their financial education journey can benefit from learning the “save, share and spend” method of budgeting. First, whether it’s from allowance, holiday, birthday or graduation gifts, babysitting or other ways kids may receive or earn money, have your child set aside a certain amount or... Continue Reading >

Choosing a Credit Card Wisely

Depending on the source you consult, you’ll learn that the average American has 3 – 4 credit cards, but some have many, many more. There isn’t a single “right” answer about how many credit cards a person should have. But here are a couple of tips for choosing a credit card wisely to fit your personal financial... Continue Reading >

“Raise” your debt.

How can raising debt be helpful, you might say? Here’s what we mean.  If you are due for a raise, allocate some or, ideally all of that extra money to paying down your debt. This is money you have been living without so use as much of it as possible... Continue Reading >

Save more in order to spend less.

Typically when we think about reducing debt, we think about the best approach to paying off credit cards or finding ways to slow unnecessary spending.  We often think of unnecessary spending as items like that expensive cup of coffee or those must-have shoes. But we can also find ways to... Continue Reading >

Buy with cash.

Of course paying cash isn’t likely to be a realistic option for major purchases like a home, a car, or maybe even a dishwasher. But for any purchase that isn’t a true necessity, make an effort to wait until you have been able to save up the cash before you... Continue Reading >

One card is all you need.

There are constant temptations to open credit card accounts – whether it is bonus travel points, short-term low or no interest promotional periods, special discounts for initial purchases with a new department store credit card, or a variety of other limited-time offers. While there is a benefit to responsible ownership... Continue Reading >

Spend less than you earn.

Duh, you say? Well if it was that easy, nobody would be in debt, right? So the philosophy is simple but the execution simply isn’t, at least for most people.  One of the first steps most any financial counselor would recommend is developing a budget that shows how much your... Continue Reading >

2014 Cornerstone Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 winner’s in the Cornerstone Financial Credit Union $25,000 Scholarship Program.  Public, private and home-schooled high school students in Davidson, Dickson, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sumner and Williamson Counties were eligible to apply for the $1000 scholarships.  The program also includes applications from any eligible Cornerstone Financial Credit Union... Continue Reading >