Online Banking FAQ

Learn more about the features available in Online Banking.


What Cornerstone accounts may I access online?

You can be granted access to any deposit account or loan on which you are owner or joint owner, including your child's account. You must have your own membership account to create a digital banking login.

How do I request online access to my joint accounts?

Contact us by secure message, email, or phone to request access. We will confirm your eligibility and provide appropriate access.

What can I see and do on my joint accounts?

As a joint owner, you will be able to view account balance and transaction history. You may also transfer money into the connected account – the account will appear in your "transfer to" account list. You will not be able to withdraw money from the connected account. Each membership has one login that is authorized to make withdrawals.


What are Alerts?

Alerts are email or text message notifications delivered when the chosen criteria is met.

What alert criteria is available?

Alerts can be sent based on account balance, new transactions, loan due date, new message, or sign in. There are predefined alerts, but you can also create custom alert criteria.

How often are alerts sent?

For many alerts you may choose the frequency: All Day, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. All Day alerts are sent within 30 minutes of the event. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly alerts are processed overnight.

How do I setup text message alerts?

You must add a text message email to your Profile. The format is [MobileNumber]@[CarrierDomain]. Instructions are provided to help you use the correct Carrier Domain.


What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay lets you send money ("payment") to a company, person, or one of your accounts at another financial institution. Payments can be scheduled one-time or on a recurring basis. Payments are delivered electronically when possible, or by check when electronic delivery is unavailable.

What are the eligibility requirements to use Bill Pay?

Bill Pay requires a checking account.

How do I register for Bill Pay?

Bill Pay registration is available in Online Banking. Select the Bill Pay tab to get started. After registration is complete, Bill Pay is also available to use in Mobile Banking.

What fees are associated with Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is free to use. There is no cost associated with sending payments. There are two fees possible:

  1. A $3/month inactivity fee if no payments are processed over a 90-day period.
  2. A $35 stop pay fee if you request to stop a payment delivered by check.

How do I cancel Bill Pay?

Please send us a message to request Bill Pay cancellation.


What check services are available?

Check Services provides three different check-related services:

  1. Check Request - receive a check in the mail made payable to yourself.
  2. Check Stop Payment - place a stop payment on a check that has not cleared your account.
  3. Check Order - re-order checks from Harland Clarke. Depending on your order history, you may need to contact us to place a check order, including first-time orders and orders with updated personal information.


What options are available for Payments?

Payments let you move money from a share under your membership to a loan one-time or recurring. Eligible loans include those under your membership and those on which you are a joint owner. If you do not see a loan on which you are a joint owner, please contact us to add to your profile.

How do I make a principal only loan payment?

Select the Principal Only option when setting up the loan payment.

How do I schedule a payment?

Select the Scheduled Loan Payments option below the Loans tab. Scheduled payments allow you to select frequency, start date, and end date. The source account must be a share under your membership.

How do I advance from a line of credit?

Select the Credit Line Advance option below the Loans tab. There is no minimum for a Line of Credit advance, but a Home Equity Line of Credit has a $500 minimum.

How do I pay a loan from an external account?

Go the Transfers tab and select External Transfers. You must connect the external account and verify two microdeposits before scheduling a payment. The payment limit is $2,500. Principal only payments are not available with this method.


What is Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit lets you deposit a check by taking a picture of the front and back. It eliminates the need to bring the check to a branch. Remote Deposit requires our Apple or Android app.

Are there deposit limits?

Remote Deposit limits are daily and include immediate credit, amount, and number of checks. The immediate credit and amount limits are disclosed on the Remote Deposit screen prior to submitting a deposit. These limits are based account types and account history.

How should I take a picture of a check?

Place the check on a flat surface, preferably with a contrasting color, with adequate lighting in order to minimize shadows. Wrinkles or creases can interfere with the software's ability to read the check information. Issues can also be encountered when the signature interferes with the bottom account number or when the amount field numbers are unclear.

Should I keep the check after successful Remote Deposit?

After successfully depositing a check remotely, you may choose whether to securely discard the check immediately or after a period of time. The Credit Union does not need a copy of the physical check. Use a paper shredder or rip the check into several pieces.


What can I do with Reports?

Reports let you track expenses and income by category and set up a budget. Most transactions can be categorized automatically.

How do I adjust categories?

Select the Categories option below the Reports tab. Then select the edit icon (paper and pencil). There you can set up a budget for the category and adjust auto-categorization using the keyword rules. Keyword rules are comma-separated keywords that attempt to match the transaction description to assign the category. If you need to change keyword rules, we recommend reviewing existing keyword rules as a guide.


What is Skip Pay?

Skip Pay lets you skip a loan payment by advancing the loan due date one month.

Is there a fee associated with Skip Pay?

Yes, there is a $40 fee to skip a loan payment. This fee must be paid from a savings, checking, or money market account. Sufficient funds must be available in a share to complete the Skip Pay.

Why am I unable to complete a Skip Pay?

The Skip Payment button appears below the Make Payment button only for eligible loans. Many factors are taken into consideration for loan eligibility, including the type of loan, term length, and payment history. Please contact us for more details about Skip Pay eligibility of your loan.


What options are available for Transfers?

Transfers let you move money from one share to another one-time or recurring. External Transfers let you move money out of your Cornerstone account into an account you have at another financial institution, or withdraw money from the external account to pay a Cornerstone loan.

What accounts are eligible for Transfers?

You may transfer money out of any share or under your membership with an available balance. Certificates, Christmas Savings, and IRAs are ineligible for transfer withdrawals. You may transfer money into any share under your membership or to which you have been granted access as a joint owner. Please contact us if you have questions about gaining access to another account on which you are joint owner.

How do I schedule a transfer?

Select the Scheduled Transfers option below the Transfers tab. Scheduled transfers allow you to select frequency, start date, and end date.