September 16th, 2019

Cornerston icon onlineNew Online Banking, New Benefits  (New Updates in Red below)

Cornerstone Online Banking will be new and improved, effective January 14th.  Enjoy:

Please be aware that Internet Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking will be unavailable on Tuesday, January 14 from 8:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST.

A Personalized Experience: Use drop & drag technology to customize your account view based on what is most important to you.

  • Improved Financial Management:  Keep up with where and how you spend by adding notes to purchase transactions, categorizing transactions, and more.
  • Finders and Reminders:   Find transactions quickly with an easy-to-use search feature, view pending ACH transactions and pre-authorized holds.

By taking a few, simple steps in the days leading up to the conversion date of January 14th, the transition will go smoothly!

Attention Mobile Banking Users:  *UPDATE* You will need to enroll in the new Online Banking system (available January 14th) to be able to continue accessing Mobile Banking.


Before January 9th:

Bill Pay will be unavailable from Thursday, January 9 beginning at 3:00 PM CST until the conversion date of Tuesday, January 14 at 12:00 PM CST. All new payments must be entered by Thursday, January 9 at 3:00 PM CST. Please note that any payments scheduled between January 9 after 3:00 CST and January 13 will be paid on the January 14 live date. Please note this does not pertain to ACH payments that are withdrawn from your accounts automatically from billers.

Alter bill payment transactions due January 10th – 13th.

Any bill payments you have set up through January 9th will be paid via the old Online Banking system.  While the new system will automatically transfer over all of your bill payment information, any bills you have set-up for payment from January 10th – 13th will be processed and paid on the conversion date of January 14th.  If this delay in processing will cause one or more of your payments to be late, please alter the payment date to occur on or before January 9th.


Before January 14th:

Prepare for enrollment:

  • Make sure Cornerstone has a current email address for you.  During enrollment, you’ll receive a passcode via email that will be required to complete your enrollment.
  • If you want to maintain your previous billpay history, you’ll need to download this info. Your billpay payees and amounts will transfer to the new system but your history will not.
  • *Update* eBills has been disabled.  Make note of your eBills in Billpay, if applicable, as you will be required to set those up again in the new system.
  • Make note of your Online Banking scheduled transactions. These will need to be set up in the new system.
  • Make note of Online Banking account nicknames, if applicable, so you can re-enter those in the new system.


On January 14th:

Enroll in new Online Banking (Instructions Here)

Follow a few simple steps to enroll in the new and improved Cornerstone Online Banking.  Then:

  • Re-enter any eBills you had set up in the previous system, if applicable
  • Re-enter any scheduled transactions or transfers, such as monthly transfers to savings, loan payments, or other recurring events
  • Re-assign any account nicknames you’d like to use, if applicable

Remember:  You’ll need to log in to the the new Online Banking before you’ll be able to access your Mobile Banking.  Haven’t downloaded the mobile app?  Do that here.