You have several options available to make loan payments from external accounts.

Method Description
Online Banking
Connect your external account to make one-time or recurring loan payments. Go to the Transfers tab and select the External Transfers submenu to get started. After you complete micro-deposit verification of the external account (allow two business days), select Start Transfer From to schedule your payment.
Express Pay
Make payments up to $1,500 with Express Pay using a MasterCard, Discover Card, debit card, or checking account. Scheduled and recurring payments are also available. There is a $9.95 transaction fee for this service. Payments submitted by 8:00 p.m. CST post same day. 
Authorize automatic withdrawals from your external savings or checking account. Complete and return the ACH Authorization Form to enroll. Please return at least two weeks prior to the first scheduled payment.
Mobile Banking
Deposit a check remotely with our mobile app, then transfer funds from your Cornerstone savings to the loan. Let us know if any remote deposit funds are held so that we can complete the payment for you. 
Pay by cash, check, or money order at any branch drive-thru or night drop. Find a branch near you.
Send payments by mail or bill pay service to:
Cornerstone Financial Credit Union
PO Box 120729
Nashville, TN 37212