Summertime Splash

Two Great Offers for Kids & Teens

Adventure in Savings for Kids

Open a savings account for your child with a deposit of at least $25 and we will add another $50 to help promote saving! Kids age 11 and under earn rewards for achieving savings goals of $250, $500, and $1,000 with our Adventure in Savings program. Bonus offer available for children age 13 and under.

Open Kids Account Online

Spending Account for Teens

Introducing our new Pay Your Way FREE spending account for teens! Open a #PYW account for your teen and we will provide $50 for summertime spending! Receive discounts on popular streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Disney+. Earn Buzz Points rewards on everyday spending with a Visa debit card to earn free food and gift cards. Available for teens age 13-19.

Open Teen Account Online

Select New Teen Member to open both a savings (required) and spending account. Select Existing Member if your teen already has a savings account. Teens age 18-19 must complete an adult application.

Apply online or visit the nearest branch to open a kids or teen account. At least one parent must be joint owner on an account with a minor (under age 18), or parent must provide notarized authorization to allow another adult as joint owner (such as a grandparent). Please contact us for details.

*One $3 discount per member per month. Yearly subscription would receive one discount.