November 17th, 2018

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EMV Chip Card FAQ

Enjoy the added security you’ll get by using an EMV chip-enabled debit card, available in October with both our easyChecking and Premier Checking accounts.  New chip-enabled cards have been mailed to all Cornerstone members who currently have debit cards.  Cards can be activated any time after receiving, but will not be valid until October 14.

How do I change the personal identification number (PIN) on my new EMV debit card?

You will receive a separate, secured mailing that will contain the PIN for your new EMV debit card. After activation if you would like to change your PIN, please call 1-866-985-2273 from a phone number that is on file with the credit union (required) and follow the instructions. You will be required to answer a series of security questions in this process.

Why am I receiving a new Cornerstone debit card?

Your new debit card will include the EMV chip, a technology offering increased fraud protection, making counterfeit debit cards almost impossible to create. Learn more about EMV technology here.

How do I activate my new EMV debit card?

Please refer to the sticker on the face of your new EMV debit card for specific instructions. NOTE: If you call from a phone number that is on file with the credit union, activation will occur. If you call from another phone number, you will be required to answer a series of security questions before activation is complete.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes, as part of this upgrade, your debit card number will be changing. If you have automatic payments set using your current debit card (such as utility companies, mortgage companies, memberships, etc.) you must advise those companies of your new EMV debit card number. Also, since the activation and PIN change process involves verifying contact information, we advise all members to update their contact information through Internet Banking or by calling (615)385-6866 or (800)342-2316.

How do I use my new EMV chip card?

Using your chip card is different than using a traditional debit card, but it is easy! Just watch the video below.