March 29th, 2020

Financial Planning

Take advantage of 401k plan.

If your employer offers a 401k plan, there are numerous reasons you should participate if you can. First, your employer may match a portion of your contribution. Second, you’ll lower your taxable income by the amount you contribute, plus the interest earned is tax deferred. Third, it’s one of the... Continue Reading >

Financial Planning 101

What exactly is a financial plan?  Is it a budget?  Is it planning for retirement?  Is it saving for college education?  Is it getting out of debt?  It can include any and all of these items but the important thing to understand is that financial planning is an ongoing process.  ... Continue Reading >

Creating a Personal Financial Directory

If you were to become incapacitated or die, how easy would it be for relatives or someone else to take over your financial affairs? Would they have to search through a mountain of paperwork? If you don’t receive paper statements, would they even find out about all of your accounts?... Continue Reading >

Head down the GreenPath.

Whether you need to develop a budget, save for your children’s education, put away funds for retirement, or buy your first home, GreenPath can help. GreenPath provides a free benefit available to Cornerstone members. From self-guided e-learning financial education modules to formal money management and debt counseling programs, GreenPath can... Continue Reading >