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May 24th, 2020

College Bound

Part-time Job to Provide Skills

Working thorough college, although difficult, can provide a college student with the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the work world. Budgeting, balancing a check book, discerning between needs and wants, and becoming frugal and responsible are all skills gained through working a part-time job through college. I plan... Continue Reading >

Scholarships and Good Grades

As my senior year in high school comes to an end, I’m constantly thinking what my next steps are. I realize my journey to college means entering a new world, making me excited yet anxious. I also realize furthering my education can come with financial burdens, but with good grades,... Continue Reading >

Have a Balanced Budget

One of the biggest obstacles facing college-bound teenagers today is the price tag. Many high school graduates believe that they can’t attend any post-secondary institution for fear of being crippled with debt. This can be true if students do not wisely manage their money throughout their time in college. There... Continue Reading >

Manage Time Wisely

Something nearly every freshman struggles with during the first year of college is time management. Colleges now offer an overwhelming amount of programs and clubs that students are highly encouraged to join while balancing core classes and their personal lives. This drastic change from high school has many freshmen struggling... Continue Reading >

Plan Your Own Personal Success

As a sophomore in high school, I thought I had figured it all out. I was going to go to NYU, and live in the city. There were two problems with my plans: NYU has a $60,000 price tag, and New York City living is expensive. Then I realized that... Continue Reading >

Make Good Financial Choices

College can be an exciting time for students. They are finally out of their own and spreading their wings. It can also be scary. They can’t depend on their parents like they used to physically and financially. While the first comes with age and maturity, the latter can be learned... Continue Reading >

Budget Wisely

I believe the most important thing I can do for myself to start off on the right foot, financially, when I graduate will be to keep track of all of my finances that come in and out of my account. I will be working on campus while in college, so... Continue Reading >

Choices in College Affect Future

Being fiscally responsible while in college is imperative for success after graduation. Through honest conversations with my parents, I am aware of the cost of college and understand how expensive it is. I also realize they are unable to contribute significantly to my education. The most important thing to help... Continue Reading >

Winging it Doesn’t Work

What is the best way to start financially right after graduation? Many people just wing it and hope for the best in life after college. They think that the college degree will give them the life they desire. Learning to maintain a budget can ensure that you are equipped with... Continue Reading >

Find Student Loan Alternatives

Starting off on the right foot financially means that you are preparing yourself for financial emergencies that may arise. The best thing you can do while in college to ensure you start off on the right foot financially is to avoid student loans. Although getting an education without student loans... Continue Reading >