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April 4th, 2020

The Road Leads to Cornerstone!

Debt Consolidation Loans as Low as 7.90% APR*

We all spend more than we should from time to time. Maybe you are the type who just overdoes it occasionally, like during the holidays. Maybe you have a temporary situation, like high utility bills, causing you financial stress. Or maybe you’ve developed some bad habits that have you in a little more serious financial shape. Whatever your situation, Cornerstone can help. From financial education articles, to low-rate loans and credit cards, to in-depth credit counseling, we can help reduce the stress caused by carrying too much debt. We’re here to help you make 2020 debt free!


Educate Yourself: Tips for Getting out of Debt

You can find lots of information and ideas on all sorts of financial topics by clicking here. Below are just a few of our favorite articles:

Reducing debt takes willpower.

Spend less than you earn.

Pay more than the minimum.

Consolidate: Smart Borrowing Options

With rates starting as low as 7.90% APR* and terms up to 60 months, a Debt Consolidation Loan is the perfect way to wrap up your debt into a single monthly payment. If you’re a homeowner, consider our Shelterline Home Equity Line of Credit. The equity in your home may be the best answer to consolidating debt, making home improvements or financing college expenses. With rates starting as low as 4.00 % APR**, no closing costs, easy terms, and potential tax advantages, a home equity line of credit provides a flexible and affordable way to borrow.

Talk with Someone: Credit Counseling

If you’ve made the effort to get out of debt on your own but find that you just can’t seem to get ahead, Cornerstone offers free credit counseling through our partners at GreenPath. Learn more about scheduling a free session here.


* Depending on your credit worthiness. Rates subject to change without notice.
**Maximum of 80% loan to value.  Annual percentage rate may vary. The maximum annual percentage rate that may be imposed is 18.00%APR.

Range of Balances | Payoff Period
up to – $10,000.00 | 60 monthly payments
$10,000.01 – $25,000.00 | 120 monthly payments
$25,000.01 and higher | 180 monthly payments