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April 7th, 2020

Mobile Banking FAQ


What members may use Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is an extension of online banking. Therefore, only members who are enrolled in online banking may use mobile banking.

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Is the mobile banking username/password different than the online banking username/ password?

No. They are the same. A member will use the same user id and password for both online banking and mobile banking.

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Can a member change their password via mobile banking?

No. Because the mobile banking password is the same as the online banking password, the member must log into online banking and change the online banking password. By doing that, the mobile banking password is updated. Note: It is suggested that you log into online banking via PC or Mac for a more user-friendly experience when changing your password.

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Why is my email address required for mobile banking?

For security purposes, when registering your mobile device you may be required to enter a verification PIN to complete the registration.  This PIN will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

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Will members be able to utilize Bill Pay via mobile banking?

Yes!  Bill Pay is available for Mobile users.  However, new payees may only be set up via your online banking account.

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What is RDC?

RDC stands for Remote Deposit Capture. It is the technology that allows members to deposit checks into their accounts without having to physically go to the credit union. Checks are deposited by using their smartphone or other “smart” device such as an iPad or other tablet.

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What members may use Remote Deposit Capture?

RDC is available to all members.  However, RDC privileges will be removed from any member account for the following reasons:

  • member death
  • member has a charged-off share or loan
  • member bankruptcy
  • member abuses the privilege

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What devices may be used to make a remote deposit?

iPhones, iPad 3 or later, Droid phones and tablets may all be used to make a remote deposit. Blackberry users may use mobile banking but do not have access to RDC.

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Will business accounts be able to use Remote Deposit Capture?

Yes.  However, the same deposit limits as “regular” members still apply.  Remotely deposited checks are limited to twenty (20) per calendar day.

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Once a member has deposited their daily maximum amount via RDC, can they still deposit money?

Yes. The daily maximum deposit amount is for remote deposit only. Even though a member has maxed out their RDC limit for the day, they may still deposit money into their accounts via the traditional ways – over-the-counter, drive-up, lobby, night deposit box.

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I seem to be having a hard time depositing my check via mobile banking, am I doing something wrong?

Perhaps. Here are some helpful hints and facts to consider.

  • The check must have four (4) distinct corners and sides. If, for some reason, the check has been worn or has “dog ears”, the image might not be accepted for deposit. Also, the check should be as flat as possible. If it has been folded, make sure the creases are out and that the check lies flat on a dark, non-reflective surface. If there are any “hanging chads” or if the check has a portion torn out of it, the image might not be accepted for deposit.
  • The signature on the front of the check must not obscure the pre-printed numbers along the bottom of the check. If the signature covers any portion of the R&T number, account number, or check number on the bottom of the check, the image might not be accepted for deposit.
  • The numerical amount must be legible and not contain any extra or superfluous characters, otherwise the image might not be accepted for deposit.
  • Business checks, or checks that were electronically printed, oftentimes are difficult to deposit. This is because business checks tend to be physically larger than consumer checks. Also, the printed numerical amounts on the check tend to be in a smaller font as opposed to hand-written checks. For this reason, printed checks may sometimes not be accepted for deposit. Try to maintain a steady hand when taking the picture of the check. Make sure the image is as large as it can be and still have four (4) distinct corners.

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How long should I keep the checks I deposit via RDC?

How long you keep your deposited checks is up to you.  We suggest that you keep checks deposited via RDC at least 30 days, or until the transaction shows up on your monthly or quarterly statement.  If you decide to destroy deposited checks, we recommend you exercise best practices and shred them just as you would an old, unused box of checks.

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I seem to be having trouble differentiating my deposited checks from my other checks.  How can I tell them apart?

Federal guidelines dictate that all members should include “FOR CFCU MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY” on the back of the check where you have endorsed it.  Otherwise, it may be rejected and not credited to your account.  Thus, you will always know which checks have been deposited via mobile banking.

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How much money can I deposit using Remote Deposit Capture?

Members may deposit up to $5,000 per calendar day via remote deposit.

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Why does my available balance not reflect the full amount I deposited?

Only a portion of your mobile remote deposits will be immediately available to you each day (depending on your relationship with the credit union).  If you do not qualify for immediate funds availability, all remote deposits will be held for five (5) business days (including the day of deposit).  If you do qualify for immediate funds availability, all remote deposit amounts in excess of your immediate funds availability amount will be held for five (5) business days (including the day of deposit).    Therefore, your available balance may not always reflect the total of all the RDC deposits you make that day.

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How many checks can I deposit using Remote Deposit Capture?

Members may deposit up to twenty (20) checks per calendar day via RDC (subject to the maximum daily deposit limits).