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April 4th, 2020

Select Employee Groups

What is a Select Employee Group?

Cornerstone’s major focus for more than 60 years has been serving companies in our communities by providing their employees not just with competitive rates and fees on a variety of banking products and services, but also with the financial counseling and education they need in today’s challenging economy. As a not-for-profit credit union it’s simply our mission to serve members in a way that other financial institutions can’t. Signing up to be a Select Employee Group simply means that your employees are given the ability to join Cornerstone Financial Credit Union and take advantage of a wide array of benefits. There’s no cost to an employer to make this opportunity available to employees and we work with each company to identify how the program can best serve its employees.

How does my company benefit?

Finding ways to help your employees manage their finances can be as important as providing excellent healthcare benefits. By partnering with Cornerstone, you can make it easy for your employees to minimize the financial stress associated with borrowing, saving, and planning for the future. Plus, we make it really easy for you to introduce the program and offer your employees a valuable benefit. We’ll provide:

  • Exclusive credit union membership for you and your employees.
  • An on-site introduction of the program at a time convenient for you and your employees – with special offers available during the on-site visit.
  • Personalized information for all of your new hires.
  • Superior personal service, including the availability of one-on-one appointments at the branch for financial planning, budgeting, first-time homebuyer’s advice, etc.
  • On-site seminars on a variety of financial topics of most value to your employees.
  • Promotion within your company of special offers available to all Cornerstone members – as well as periodic discounts or bonuses on our already competitive rates on loans, credit cards and certificates.
  • Regular visits, as desired, during your benefits fairs or employee orientation sessions.
  • Business banking services for your company, including business loans, credit cards, and deposit products.
  • Access to your funds at over 30,000 ATMs nationwide fee-free!

How does my company become a Select Employee Group?

At a time when many companies are being forced to cut employee benefits, you can sign up for one that’s free. Email us at and we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss next steps.

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