August 25th, 2019

Use Scholarships, Financial Aid.

Joshua MartinThe amount of students who leave college riddled with student loan and credit card debt is staggering. Seven in ten students take student loans, with those loans averaging about $28,950 (TICAS). This debt leads to the first many years out of college being extremely financially stressful, a period that is already characterized by “starving students,” and ramen noodles. As someone going into digital animation, the chances of me finding a (well paying) job immediately out of college are fairly slim. Ironically, art schools seem to have some of the highest tuitions in America, leading to tons of indebted students struggling to find careers in their field. I plan to cover those expenses with scholarships!

Many times, people who go into careers in art don’t make massive paychecks, and least not at first. There’s a large period filled with making connections and honing your skills before you’re ready to start making a decent wage. This time is extremely stressful, and sometimes impossible with student debt. With (hopefully) all of my tuition costs covered by various scholarships and financial aid, I’ll be able to invest or save any extra money I make out of college. This should set me up for the future, and have me in a solid enough economic state to survive any unexpected events that may befall me.

Joshua D. Martin, Central Magnet School

Category: College Bound