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May 24th, 2020

Use Common Sense.

Kayleigh BarnesWe’ve all heard the latest saving techniques or seen the most complex budget plans. Some of which would be difficult for even Dave Ramsey to comprehend. I believe the most important thing that one could do in college to ensure future financial success cannot be found within the pages of an economics textbook, or even within the realm of banking.

Yes, utilizing a savings account and having a planned budget are all extremely important when trying to achieve financial success, but those things have little to no stability without the use of common sense. Having and using common sense when handling money is not only an important practice in college, but can also be beneficial when a student graduates. Thinking about a purchase or investment before acting can make an enormous difference in how I see my hard earned money, and can, in turn, make sure I start off on the right foot financially when I graduate.

Kayleigh K. Barnes, Siegel High School

Category: College Bound