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May 24th, 2020

Scholarships Can Add Up.

Many aspects play into the role of college graduation, and many students do not understand how to receive their diploma and not acquire debt. One component is to always be actively searching for scholarships so the price of student debt will not take so much of a toll right after graduation. Several businesses that students attend each and every single day offer scholarships, but most do not advertise it. Even if the sum is a small amount, all of the money will start to add up and will get a student that much closer to a debt-free graduation. Sometimes, students will search for scholarships but write them off if the scholarship demands an essay or some other form of task that the student has to do in order to receive the scholarship. Students need to weigh the options of definitely not having college money and not doing the task or doing the task and having a chance to receive the scholarship.

Students also need to learn how to keep their money in check. As mentioned before, all of the small amounts add up, especially in spending. Eating out every day will dwindle down the amount of money the student has in their account every day, and sooner than later, they will put themselves in tight situations. Students need to learn how to save and not buy on an impulse. Also when it comes to spending, students need to think about the prices of everyday items. A student may be used to buying a certain kind of mascara, but the cheap, drug store mascara has the same effect as the $10 mascara that they are used to. Just keeping an eye in general on everyday buys will play an important role in graduating college with a degree and debt free.

Hannah M. Marcum, Lancaster Christian Academy

Category: College Bound