March 31st, 2020

Minimize Student Loans.

Jasmin TatumMy goal when I graduate from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) with my nursing degree, is to not come out with a whole lot of debt. The average semester cost is $9600 so I will be focused on keeping my grades up to maintain my TN Hope Scholarship each year. I also plan to work during the summer and holiday breaks to earn spending money and save for meals and other expenses so that I only have to take out student loans if necessary.

Likewise, my Financial Peace teacher warned us that there will be companies who come to campus only to sign students up for credit cards. My parents have also told me the same, so I plan to avoid signing up for credit cards because it would be easy to start charging and forget that it is not my actual money. Making all of these decisions and being away from home on my own for the first time is somewhat scary, but I do feel prepared.

Jasmin A. Tatum, Lighthouse Christian School

Category: College Bound