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April 2nd, 2020

Make Saving Big Part of Budget.

Benjamin BarhamThe most important financial action I can take in college is to budget my income, and this discipline will set me up for success afterwards in two ways. First, it will force me to be aware of where my money goes, reducing mindless and needless spending. Since I entered middle school, I have tracked my income and divided it into specific categories. Thus, when the newest Battlefront game came out, I knew that buying it would sacrifice a month of having lunch with my youth group, and I could see that such a purchase was not worth it to me.

In addition, it will allow me to plan for the future and take any surprises or emergencies in stride. The best financial decision I have ever made was to make the largest category of my budget a savings account at my local Cornerstone Credit Union. Constantly depositing a portion of my money to that savings account, I enabled myself to take advantage of expensive, but important opportunities that came along on short notice. For instance, in the past six months, I have been able to purchase my own car and laptop with my savings account, and without my years of savings, those expenses would have been difficult to cover.

Benjamin L. Barham, Home School

Category: College Bound