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April 2nd, 2020

Make a Financial Plan.

Justus HurdStudent loans are the biggest burden facing recent college graduates, with 69% of graduates owing loan money and the average borrower owing almost $30,000 dollars upon graduation. This is not a statistic I would like to be a part of. Therefore, the most important thing I can do while in college is to work towards graduating without any debt owed. I plan on doing this by working hard to keep my grades up in order to maintain my earned scholarships and working a job while attending college.

I’ve heard countless stories of former students having to pay their debt off for decades because they didn’t plan accordingly. Some now in there mid 40’s with great careers who still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have already made a promise to myself that I will make a financial plan in advance to entering college so I can start out on a good note. After graduation I will not have to worry about large amounts of student loans hanging over my head while starting my new career and life. I know planning a solid, strict budget will allow me to not have the financial hardships that many students face. This will give me complete financial freedom to make good choices in my career opportunities.

Justus Madison Hurd, Independence High School

Category: College Bound