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April 2nd, 2020

Internships, Jobs to Avoid Loans.

Mackinzie HutchisonI think there are several actions I should take to make sure I start off on the right foot financially when I graduate. One example of something I should do while in school is taking internships and checking for job openings and ensuring that I will have a job when I get out of school. Another thing I should do is put back any extra money I get into a savings account. That is to say if I even run across any extra money. I need to use all of the money I can get on necessities only. With that in mind, I definitely need to budget my money and keep track of how much I am spending and what I am spending it on.

However, the most important thing I can do is make sure I do not graduate with any debt. I need to get as many scholarships and grants as I can and try to get into work-study programs. After that, I may need to work side jobs to make extra money. In addition, I need to use loans as a last resort. Hopefully, I will not need to take out any loans, but if for some reason I do, I will need to be on top of the situation and pay the loan off as soon as possible. I would love to graduate knowing that I do not have any debt.

Mackinzie L. Hutchison, Creekwood High School

Category: College Bound