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May 24th, 2020

Hard Work, Effort Reap Benefits.

Gunnison WalkerPreparation for my financial security upon graduation from college started many years ago. My parents, older siblings, and several teachers reinforced the importance of preparing for my future while I was in the middle school. Although I have enjoyed, and actively participated in, numerous activities and sports and worked part-time throughout my middle school and high school years, my main priority has been on my academics. I took honors and college prep classes in all academic areas. I made sure that my studies came first and took pride and responsibility in maintaining a high GPA throughout these formative years. Committing my time and talents in this arena now, ensures that I will be better prepared intellectually and financially as I exit college in just a few short years.

As my grandfather preached to me many times, “hard work and effort reap great benefits in the end.”  Although this is a somewhat simplistic statement from a great man born in a simpler time, this adage has been my guiding force in many aspects of my life. As applied to my education; preparation early in my academic life will help me to procure scholarships and financial support that will leave me minimally burdened when I graduate. This by far is the most important thing I could have done to ensure I start off on the right foot financially upon graduation and not enter the workforce consumed with student loan debt.

Gunnison T. Walker, Dickson County High School

Category: College Bound