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April 2nd, 2020

Develop Good Work Ethic.

Victor Eli CreasyI think that it is important to develop a good work ethic. Being disciplined to work hard and push through difficult situations will help give me a foothold for when I venture into the world after school. Having this good work ethic can be applied to many situations. I have been very diligent in school and have strived to achieve academic excellence. I have slaved through many honors classes in high school, and I don’t intend on slacking off in college. I will continue to work hard in all of my classes, both academic and electives, to build a well-rounded foundation.

I have also tried to work very hard both inside and outside of school to receive as many scholarships as I can. Considering I will have to rely on scholarships to help pursue and further my dreams of an art career, I will work as hard as I can to be rewarded with scholarships and work even harder to keep them. This will help give me financial peace. It will help to assure me that I will not accumulate unnecessary debt that will follow me after college.

I also hope to expound upon my work ethic by being very committed and dedicated to jobs that will help prepare me for my future career in the art field. I will work my hardest and give my all to the work place. All these building blocks will help construct a firm work ethic that cannot be easily knocked down. My work ethic will help me find a permanent job that I love and help financially provide for myself as I take my next big step.

Victor Eli Creasy, White House High School

Category: College Bound