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April 2nd, 2020

Career, Cash, and Credit.

Sydney SmithHaving a solid financial plan and foundation before I graduate college will ensure efficient financial success. There are several key concepts that will ensure my financial success throughout my college years. These concepts boil down to career, cash, and credit. In entering college I must have a career plan, and at least one backup. Knowing what I desire will save both time and money. Rather than spending one to two years floundering without a major, finding one will allow me to fill those course requirements. After narrowing my study focus, which will be astrophysics and English with a focus in teaching, it is important to understand the relationship between student loans and expected pay. I won’t take out loans that I won’t be able to pay back when employed.

The next concept cash, focuses on my tangible working budget. As a student entering college, I need to understand how to budget, be aware of bank fees, do taxes, and generally overestimate what I need to live or simply stated, live below my means. These steps will protect my on-hand assets.

The last concept is credit, all students including myself need to be aware how how credit impacts our financial future, and what contributes to credit. Following these key concepts will ensure efficient financial success before, during, and after college so that I can live a stable future and accomplish all that I set out to do.

Sydney N. Smith, Hendersonville High School

Category: College Bound