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April 2nd, 2020

Build Resume During College.

Sydney AnthonyThroughout college, students should be building resumes to ensure they are able to get a job once they graduate. Work study programs are adaptable to any major so that students are able to build resumes and graduate with little debt. Working or interning in college is a good way to make sure you know the profession you are studying to go into is the right one for you.

Many may find that once they are out of college they are unsatisfied with their profession, however, if a student finds this out prior to graduation, they may be able to change their major. Along with working to build up a thorough resume, students should devote time to volunteering in the community. Colleges would not be able to run efficiently if they were not supported by the community around them, so students should give back by volunteering with meaningful organizations.

Sydney E. Anthony, Rossview High School

Category: College Bound