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April 2nd, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #58

Cornerstone Financial is part of my life’s history. How can it possibly be 60 years?? In the early days, my father, a wise and thrifty minister and educator, opened savings and checking accounts at Cornerstone Financial for mother and himself and savings accounts when I was a a younge child for my brother and me. I enjoyed going with Dad to make deposits and withdrawals, and considered Middle Tennessee Teachers Credit Union to be “my” bank. It was only natural that I continued banking here through my educational career. When I began teaching, I watched the CU grow and change its name to Educators Credit Union and then to Cornerstone Financial. I knew personally individuals who served on the board. While actively working in education, I ate a lot of good refreshments provided by Cornerstone at Metro Schools meetings. As an administrator, I was able to use the conference room for meetings with various groups of educators. Now retired from education, I still bank at Cornerstone. Through the years, I’ve used other banks for a variety of services, but I’ve always kept my checking and savings accounts at Cornerstone, and I think the service is by far the best of any other bank that I’ve used. The services are excellent and the people who work there are always extremely helpful and friendly. Best wishes for another 60 years!


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