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May 24th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #50

I am a grateful lady, grateful to be a Mom, Grandma, and Metropolitan Nashville Public School teacher. My life has, and continues to be filled with the joy of serving families and equipping children for their destinies in our community, and beyond. My husband retired from the military over 30 years ago, feeling called to Nashville. Our sons went to school here, and I still live in the same house we bought those decades ago. It is home. Most people associated with the military are transplants, but somewhere along the way I morphed into a true Nashville “Homey.” I’m invested in our city, and believe that the lives I am privileged to touch, educationally, are done so with both a sense of excellence and honor.  I love Nashville’s heart for all its residents, and consider living in such an atmosphere a conduit, and launching a great education for all our children.

The vision of dedication a group of Davidson County educators had 60 years ago is one of the reason I bank at Cornerstone. Another is Cornerstone Financial Credit Union people, themselves. They represent our region well, by being both welcoming, and professional in meeting our needs. Thank you Cornerstone!


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