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May 24th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #49

We have been customers of Cornerstone Financial Credit Union for almost 5 years now and during the time I can honestly say I’ve not been happier with any other financial institution. Cornerstone goes above and beyond for their customers treating them as if they were their own family and truthfully that’s how I’ve come to feel about them. I’ve had nothing but pleasant, helpful, and accommodating experiences with them in person and over the phone. They understand and want to help their customers in any way they can through both good times and bad. I was 22 when I first came to Cornerstone for an auto loan when my growing family had a need for a bigger vehicle and they made the process easier than I could’ve ever imagined. Later, some of our immediate family came up against hard times and found themselves behind on their house payments. So, I talked to Cornerstone and they were there to help us get them back on their feet with a signature loan at a fantastic rate and keeping the ones we loved from losing their home. Because of Cornerstone, I have been able to buy a car, watch my family make it through the hard times, AND have been able to help mine and my husband’s credit score along the way without paying an arm and a leg in interest. I trust them and would recommend them to anyone, especially those that are the most important to me. I plan to be a part of the Cornerstone family for many years to come and will always put them first because they always put me first.


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