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May 24th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #48

This year is my 30th year of banking with Cornerstone Financial Credit Union!!! I was first a member beginning in 1985 when you were “Educators Credit Union” at the Franklin, TN branch. You all have supported me through a divorce, through the death of my 2nd husband from cancer, you watched my daughter grow up and have kids of her own, and you are THE FAVORITE of my new husband of the last 14 years!!!! Why? Because you call him “perfect” every time he comes into our favorite branch!!!! Granted, it’s only because he counts his deposits perfectly, but he gets a thrill from being called “perfect”….especially in front of his wife!    We truly love our gals at the Franklin Branch…my daughter called Mary her “Aunt Mary” since she was 3 years old!!! I don’t think she ever realized that she wasn’t actually her real aunt until she was much older! We are truly treated like family, and we wouldn’t choose to do our banking anywhere else!!!

-LU Member since 1989


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