March 29th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #42

In spring 2014 my 1994 Ford Taurus was rear-ended coming off the I65 ramp at Wedgewood Blvd. and turned into an accordion as the force drove my car into the one ahead of me.  The Taurus was totaled.      After the insurance was settled, I had enough for the down payment on another car.  At Nelson Mazda on Broadway, I settled on a 2011 Honda Insight with 34,193 mileage on the odometer. My credit was mostly good but I did have a record of letting a time share annual fee lapse. This was a time share I no longer wanted or needed and could not drop the contract. I was unable to get a loan from a bank but Cornerstone came to my rescue. I was given a loan by Cornerstone on 4/16/14 for $15,835 for 60 months.  The monthly payment of $311.80 was within my budget.  Thank you Cornerstone.


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