March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #36

The Franklin, TN, Cornerstone branch has met my financial needs through many transitions in my life. When I first joined I was a single mom of two children and had just rejoined the workforce as a special education teacher. Twenty-six later I am a grandmother and planning for retirement in a few short years. CFCU has helped me establish a great credit rating, purchase cars and a RV, and given advice on how to best prepare for the “unexpected” as well as retirement. I have been made to feel as a very valued member by the professional attitude exhibited by the CFCU team to me.    I have recommended CFCU to many friends and co-workers. Those that joined feel the same way as I do about the services offered and the attitude of the team at the Franklin branch.   I have alluded to the professional attitude shown by the CFCU team but would be remiss not to recognize the personal touch they have given too. They have shared my joys with applause and supported me with kindness during times of sadness with family deaths. They have made sure when I was traveling that my accounts were safely secured and asked for a “full report” of my trip…even looking at the pictures!  Happy 60 years Cornerstone! May you continue your success!


Member since 1990


Thank you and Congratulations! $60 has been deposited to your savings account!

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