March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #32

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mary Stinson and Bert at the Franklin Branch. They helped me thru the toughest days of my life. When my husband passed away, I came to Mary in tears and a steno pad so I could write down step by step the process of Bill Paying and Banking. All of which my husband did in our family’s life.  I was too busy to pay attention to the helpful hints he gave me over our 40 years together. They too were so surprised to hear of his passing as they had just seen him in the bank only the day before.  Mary again helped me sell my husband’s truck and suggested that we meet in her office for the sale and exchange of paperwork. The buyer was an aggressive contractor so I was glad she took charge and told us what to do.  She was there to answer questions before the closing of my house.  And my son’s house in another state when funds had to be transferred at the 11th hour of his closing.  Though I don’t visit Cornerstone very often, upon entering the lobby, a friendly hand shoots up to greet me, even she is on the phone.  Even now Bert will turn from the drive thru window, and greet me.  When I can’t remember my account number, she will assure a new teller who I am.  They have been such a comfort to me.


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