March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #27

Our family relocates often enough and in each new city the first thing we do is look for a credit union as we love the great rates, home-town family feel, and fabulous service that a local credit union provides. Cornerstone Financial Credit Union in Clarksville, Tennessee is no exception! Actually, it exceeded our expectations in more than a few ways. At one point last year our financial situation was rather desperate and I came in to cash in some collector coins I had been saving. I was feeling humiliated, to say the least, but was met with not only kindness and professionalism but with words of encouragement. “You know, there are some patrons that come in specifically for these they’re going to love you!” One of the tellers sweetly said. I almost burst into grateful tears On another visit I was encouraged to sign my children up for savings accounts as the CFCU was willing to give $50 to each child’s account as a bonus for signing up. We spent at least an hour that day, as I have four children, and they were all suddenly so excited about saving their money! Way to go CFCU you’ve made an awesome impact on a future generation! And lastly I became so attached to my credit union that I told everyone I could about them and refused to use their (very cool) mobile banking app so I would have a reason to visit with the tellers I now know by name. THANK YOU CFCU for blessing not only me but my family and friends!


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