March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #8

I’m pretty sure I joined the predecessor to CORNERSTONE just before or shortly after the ’70’s due to quite unsubtle pressure from co-workers at Peabody Demonstration School. These were true-blue, die-hard supporters who should have been on your payroll. Well, it was all well-deserved as this organization faithfully served it’s members and I can give testimony to this fact. Some years ago, the bottom fell out of the economy and had I not switched my mortgage over to CORNERSTONE and also benefitted by having my debts consolidated, I would not be writing this little ditty. I am now in assisted living and my house will be sold, God willing, soon and very soon because I own .a house to sell. Banks are fine and dandy and serve purposes that mostly benefit the banks but credit unions serve many purposes for the many benefits of their constituents. PERIOD and !!!!


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