March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #5

She was from Australia. I was from Nashville. I fell for her, hard. But there was this big ocean in the way. So I saved up and flew over there to visit for a month. The following year, she saved up and flew over to visit me in Tennessee. Six months later, I packed up my apartment and moved to Australia. This was eight years ago, and we have been happily married ever since. In 2007, we had two weddings; one for her family downunder, and another for mine in the US. While thinking about the future, we realized that we would need to keep a bank account in Nashville to make visiting family more convenient. However, my bank at the time was the opposite of helpful; it would not allow us to open a joint account, due to my wife’s status. So we shopped around, and are so happy that we found Cornerstone Financial Credit Union in Hillsboro Village. The people there were immediately helpful, and walked us through everything we had to do to set up an account that would fit our needs perfectly. We have had no problems ever since, and it has been wonderful to have access to a checking and savings account during our annual visits to Nashville. Thank you CFCU! You have really made life easier for our family!


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