March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #2

I joined the “Educators Credit Union” in 1987, and they have always been helpful in all ways in managing my money and in helping me learn the “in’s and out’s” as computer technology came on line and became available. They have held me to a special standard and given me a credit line to help me avoid overages when there has been an emergency need, and even though I am not a big depositor I have never felt “left-out” in the service given to me. In fact, they have gone above and beyond in efforts to help me when I was hospitalized for seven months last year and had to depend on a computer to pay my bills on time through their service. My rent never went in arears, nor my electricity, and my cable/tv/internet/home-phone services, and all of my associated other bills. I never even had to write a check. They were into the internet with banking technology early on and, although it is sometimes a bit disconcerting when upgrades take place, they were always there to settle my ruffled feathers when i became confused and disconcerted over having to learn new things. Thank you, Cornerstone Financial Credit Union. I hope you have another successful 60 year run.


Member since 1987

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