March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #16

I became a member of Cornerstone several years ago when I realized that working with a large banking institution was neither in my best interest nor in the best interest of my community. Since I began trusting Cornerstone with my finances, I began meeting my financial goals for the first time in my life. When unforeseen circumstances forced me to replace my vehicle twice within one year, I immediately turned to Cornerstone knowing that I would receive the best assistance and advice, in addition to the best interest rates, in obtaining a car note for the first time. Because of the education and personal attention I received from Cornerstone, I was able to purchase both replacement vehicles without making a large impact on my monthly expenses and still maintaining my financial goals. The process was so simple with Cornerstone that I have actually saved money, and am grateful to now drive reliable transportation. When I married, my new Husband joined me at Cornerstone, because I refused to leave! I am thankful to work with a financial institution that works towards my best interests, and creates positive connections with my community.


Member Since 2011

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