March 29th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #11

Saving the Day! Last year, soon after my older daughter turned 17 and got her first job. I told her it was time for her to open her own checking account. She was thrilled. We planned the day, and I told her I would take her to the local Cornerstone branch after I finished work. I am a teacher and also the girls basketball coach at the school. Well, I ran late and we just barely made it inside the branch when we realized it was closing time. My daughter was quite upset with me, and was on the verge of tears. The account manager we walked up to, looked at us both and said, “Don’t worry, we can do this.”, with a warm smile on her face. She stayed after closing time and set up my daughter’s new account. She even gave her advice on how to protect and manage her money! I walked out with my arm around my daughter’s shoulder and I was a hero again thanks to a Cornerstone employee who cared enough to go the extra mile.


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