March 29th, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years- #10

Many years ago, my wife was out of town on a special assignment for her work. She was gone for over three months, and my job was to do everything while she was away, home, children and pay the bills. During the month of December, I paid the bills from my checking account, and then travelled to visit her for two weeks. When I arrived back home, I simply forgot that I had paid all the bills necessary, and in error, wrote additional checks. As I checked my account I received an NSF charges, and to my horror realized what I had done! As the checks were posted, I knew I could not cover the amount until the 31st of the month. I quickly called the Franklin Branch and spoke to Mary Stinson. She understood what I had done and helped remedy the situation. Her actions saved me literally hundreds of dollars in charges and overdrafts and made sure the checks were covered. This is why I remain a loyal customer to this day. Her compassion and thoughtfulness is why I have the utmost respect ( and great affection) to her and the wonderful branch here in Franklin. Recently, she was instrumental in securing a new car loan for my oldest son. The rates were more than competitive, and saved my son hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan. I can not express how much I appreciate her , and the wonderful work she has provided to me and my family all these years. I remain a loyal, and satisfied customer for life.


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