March 31st, 2020

60 Stories for 60 Years – #1

Nearly eight years ago, I was divorced after 29 years of marriage. As part of our settlement, I was keeping the house. That also meant I needed to pay my ex-husband his portion of the equity in our house—$85,000. As a self-employed person, it was very scary, not only to think about borrowing that kind of money, but also being solely responsible for our house payment and all other bills, on my own. I called my bank, Suntrust, to apply for a loan. After a long time and a big runaround, the office in Atlanta, where all loans had to be approved or denied, gave their response: Denied. This after more than 13 years as their customer. I went directly to Cornerstone, who I knew about, and applied for the loan. Every single person was fantastic and I received approval for the loan! I was thrilled, and I appreciated their investment in me so much. I am now a happy customer of Cornerstone, and have done business with Cornerstone with a car loan and referred others to them as well. That’s what banking should be all about! Thank you, Cornerstone! I will never forget your investment in me.


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