March 31st, 2020

Work, Save to Learn Discipline

Molly Wells cropChinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, once proclaimed, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” As a rising college freshman, I am preparing myself to take that first step. I will soon be leaving my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee behind to start the next chapter of my life in Starkville, Mississippi at Mississippi State University. As I begin my journey, it is important to understand that in this new chapter, I will have more responsibility than ever before and every decision will have its consequences. I will have the power to make decisions for myself in all aspects of my life. However, one responsibility that stands out among the others is my financial responsibility.

There are a number of ways to ensure that the financial decisions I make in college will allow me to be on the right foot when I graduate. Personally, I believe the most important thing I can do, is to work part time and save 10% of every paycheck I receive by placing it in a savings account. This sum of money can be used as a safety net when I graduate and can be used for emergencies. It will also teach me to have the discipline to restrain myself from spending every dollar I make as soon as I make it. Having a part time job will also teach me the value of a dollar and encourage me to live on a healthy budget.

This example of a smart financial practice will not only allow me to stay on the right track throughout college, but it will teach me healthy habits that I can continue even after graduation. Every decision has its consequences, and it’s my responsibility to make sure the financial decisions I make allow me to live a healthy and stable lifestyle.

Molly Wells, Centennial High School

Category: College Bound